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2 States
(Andhra Pradesh &

4 Districts

27 Mandals

10 Urban slums

Serving over 1137
Differently abled

Influencing over 3500 Households

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Specific Objectives:

  • To initiate social mobilization process and facilitate the formation of SHGs/Federations of the Persons with disabilities
  • To mobilize the SHGs to take up community awareness and initiate community activities for inclusion of persons with disabilities into the mainstream and to set up community resource centers for assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation.
  • To provide rehabilitation services for about 12000 persons with disabilities (covering various types of disabilities)
  • Provide valued nutrition to the children and malnourished families
  • Provide health, nutrition, education and livelihood support the poor and needy
  • To initiate Community Based Rehabilitation approaches with Community Based Organizations

The key interventions:

  1. Facilitate linkages with respective Government departments at State and district level
  2. Advocate for strengthening Integrated Child, disabled Development Scheme of Government of India and primary Health Care in the area by working with State and District Administration
  3. Form & strengthen community level disabled groups to sustain the program
  4. Capacity building for staff and various stakeholders
  5. Address the issue disability at State/District level
  6. Timely targeted counseling
  7. Address all child related issues (Have MoU with Child Help Line – 1098)
  8. Provide emergency assistance for Person with Disabled (PWD)
  9. Provide nutrition support to PWD
  10. Provide livelihood support to PWDs and their families/caregivers

Strengths of Commitments:

  • The strategy of Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR)
    • The first organization which started work for disabled in the country
  • Board members are highly committed, qualified and serving Group-I level in state & Central Government and other MNCs
  • Govt. of India replicate the interventions of Commitments Public Trust
  • Commitments has enough strength/capacity in DME (Design, Monitoring and Evaluation). Developed monitoring tools/database to improve the quality of work/services and to report accurate data/info.
  • Well trained staff, Mandal Vikalangula Samkhya, SHGs, close monitoring, and providing timely targeted counseling to PWD/parents/care givers.
  • Advocacy and Networking with State & District level Govt. officials and community key stakeholders
  • Commitments has enough strength to build capacity of various key stakeholders on Disability
  • Open & Transparent in finance, programmatic and all

Highlights / Achievements of Commitments:

  • Received best NGO award from District Collector of Mahabub Nagar in 2016
  • Received award on the auspicious occasion of Telangana new state formation in 2014
  • Received award from Special Olympic Bharath in 2014
  • Received a certificate of appreciation participating in The Abilities Mela 2009
  • Received a letter of appreciations from The Governor Sri. N.D. Tiwari in 2008
  • Received a commendation from the District Collector of Mahabubnagar in 2006
  • Received a commendation from the District Collector of Mahabubnagar in 2008
  • Received a certificate of Thanks from the University of Sydney, Australia in 2001
  • Commitments has committed and well trained/experienced staff. Good rapport with community and good linkages with Govt. officials at District and State level.
  • Commitments form and strengthen Mandal Vikalangula Samakhyas and village level Disabled groups to sustain the program
  • Advocacy at District/state level along with the likeminded NGOs hastened the sustainability of the program

Observing International special days collectively with Govt./other NGO partners increased the commitment and visibility

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